• Facilitate your client’s medical needs on a lien without incurring any finance charges
  • Eliminate the frustration of searching for a physician or healthcare facility to provide healthcare services on a lien
  • Our roster of healthcare providers enables your client to select a qualified and skilled doctor or facility who will provide their care
  • Upon request, we will contact your client’s existing healthcare provider(s) to include them in our program

If you are interested in our unique service, or have a client in need of extensive surgery and hospitalization on a lien-basis, please do not hesitate to email or call us toll free at (800) 238-5541.

Our staff is professional, knowledgeable, friendly, and focused on providing outstanding customer service.


MedFin offers a significant number of value-added benefits. MedFin has entered into national and regional agreements with a number of leading healthcare companies to enable us to offer services, that are sometimes required on an urgent basis by your clientele

Among the benefits we offer:

  • DJO Global – the national durable medical equipment company – from bone growth stimulators, cervical spine braces, back supports to upper & lower extremity braces.
  • Two pharmacy programs, to fit the requirement – one program is a national mail-order pharmacy that will deliver needed meds to the client’s home; and the second is a pharmacy card program that will allow the client to immediately and conveniently obtain needed drugs from their local drug store.

The largest home healthcare management company in the nation, to offer:

  • Major DME, e.g. TENS Units, hospital beds, wheelchairs, scooters, CPM machines and more
  • Nursing services
  • Home healthcare, to include IV Therapy at home
  • Pre-surgical assessment, when ordered by the surgeon
  • Orthopedic and prosthetic devices
  • Complete rehabilitation therapy thru established Centers of Excellence, to include aquatic PT.
  • Case Managers for long-term, chronic cases
  • Respiratory services, e.g. oxygen or respirators
  • Medical supplies, e.g. wound care
  • Medical transport, to include air transport
  • Home and vehicle modifications
  • Translation Services
  • Regional agreements for physical therapy, offered by major local practices