Overview: Surgery Liens

This is a competitive era for Ambulatory Surgery Centers. While facing the constant pressure of reimbursement reductions across the board, you’re also doing all you can to attract and maintain your physician partners – the lifeblood to your facility’s revenue stream. Are you responsive to their search for additional sources of revenue and reimbursement?

Liens are the single most overlooked area of potential. However, it is difficult to conduct a successful, efficient, cost-effective and risk-free lien process on your own. You need a partner – and MedFinManager is the national expert. Seize the opportunity to achieve significant benefits for your facility.

Our Program

MedFinManager’s Consensual Lien Facilitation & Purchase Program provides a new source of revenue and reimbursement for ambulatory surgery centers. Here’s your answer for improving your bottom-line and retaining those important physician partners.

Consensual liens are used in situations in which a patient, who has been injured as the result of an accident or trauma caused by someone else, is requesting medical care, but who is uninsured and without the personal resources to pay for the healthcare services, at the time that these services will be provided.

A consensual lien is a legal instrument that creates a contractual relationship enabling the healthcare provider to place a charge against the settlement funds that the patient is seeking as compensation from the third party who was liable for the patient’s injuries. The mutual consent of the involved parties [patient, healthcare provider(s), and patient’s attorney] is necessary and is secured prior to the requested medical care being provided.

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