The Risk of Medical Liens

For a medical provider, a lien is a risky proposition. Since most providers are not experts in evaluating the merits of a prospective patient’s underlying legal case, the provider is “gambling” on whether the patient’s case is fundamentally good or bad. This is difficult to determine. Furthermore, a lien requires the medical provider to expend time and resources today, while having to wait months, if not years, to receive payment for services. Then of course, there is no guarantee that the provider will ever receive payment if the patient’s legal case is not fruitful.

You may be successful from time to time in assisting your clients to secure lien-based chiropractic care, physical therapy or even x-rays and diagnostic studies. However, for more extensive care, such as surgeries and hospitalization, the availability of specialists, and facilities, who are willing to treat on a lien-basis, drastically diminishes.

Despite pleas to conscience and community spirit, the fact remains that most physicians, clinics and hospitals, are at best uncooperative, and at the worst, hostile, to these entreaties.

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