Who We Are

MedFinManager™ is a specialty financial services company that provides a unique range of services directed towards accelerating cash flow and eliminating risk for medical providers; MedFin’s value proposition creates a true win-win-win scenario for all participants involved in lien-based medical care, to include medical providers, patients and their legal representatives.

MedFinManager™ is one of the oldest and well established companies providing this singular type of financial service. MedFin™ originated the unique features of customer-focused, no-fee based client services, which are its hallmark. Operating out from its corporate office in Tempe, AZ, MedFin™ continues to expand nationwide and provides its services to clients across the country. MedFinManager™ distinguishes itself by underwriting “high-end” medical care, to include extensive in-patient surgery and hospitalization and comprehensive outpatient surgical procedures. MedFin™ does not have a “cap” or dollar threshold limitation and can always be relied upon to provide reliable funding for even the most expensive surgeries and medical procedures.

MedFinManager™ facilitates medical care on a Lien for physicians, ambulatory surgery centers, hospitals and other types of medical providers. It provides a full range of services to support a Consensual Lien Purchase Program and initiate or supplement an existing Statutory or Third Party Liability Program. These Programs can be customized to meet each healthcare provider’s needs and requirements, to include all necessary underwriting, risk assessment, and ongoing support. MedFin’s Programs are easy to initiate, have no upfront fees and produce immediate bottom-line results.

Through its unique value proposition which accelerates cash flow and eliminates risk for healthcare providers, the doors of lien-based medical care are opened wider for the general public to access. Historically, many uninsured individuals have delayed or have been forced to go without needed accident related medical treatment due to the unavailability of quality healthcare providers willing to accept lien-based cases. The inherent risks of legal cases and the long-term nature of lien-based accounts receivable are formidable deterrents for medical providers in today’s already difficult healthcare industry.

MedFinManager™ takes pride in transforming the typically undesirable situation of lien-based medical care into a rare win-win situation for all participants – healthcare providers, patients, and their legal representatives.

MedFinManager™ is the superior choice to facilitate medical care on a lien.