Real World Example: Where Medical Lien Facilitation is Used

You have a new client who was injured when a “big-rig” truck collided with her car on the highway. Apparently, traffic slowed and the truck, which was following too closely, did not have enough time to stop. The rear-end collision caused your client to spin-out of control making a secondary impact with the guard rail. The accident severely damaged your client’s vehicle and your client sustained injuries, although not life threatening. Due to these injuries, your client was transported to the hospital by an ambulance, where she was examined, x-rayed, and later released with instructions to follow-up immediately with a doctor.

Your client was treated in the hospital Emergency Room because the law, EMTALA, requires emergency services be provided without inquiring as to means of payment. However, securing follow-up treatment with a doctor is quite a different matter. Your client does not have health insurance or the resources to pay for follow-up medical treatment, much less the treatment she already has received.

Several months later, you find out that your client requires a two-level lumbar fusion. Neither the surgeon or the hospital is interested in discussing a lien with you. So what do you do?

Really you have two choices – you can attempt to find a solution on your own, or you can turn to a time-tested solution, MedFinManagerâ„¢.

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