Our Solution: Medical Lien Management

We have assembled a comprehensive, nationwide roster of physicians, ambulatory surgery centers and hospitals that are willing to treat your injured clients, who do not have health insurance, or the financial wherewithal to obtain necessary medical treatment on their own.

Through our Consensual Lien Purchase and Evaluation Program that is in place with our healthcare clientele, MedFinManager assists in accelerating their cash flow and eliminating the risks typically associated with liens.

This enables you to aid your client in securing necessary medical attention without having to incur finance charges or fees beyond the actual cost of their medical care.

So you may well ask, what’s the catch? There isn’t one. MedFinManager™ is the time-tested, experienced company that provides a win-win-win solution for all parties involved –the client, the provider and you.

What’s the next step, you may be wondering?

Simply contact our office. This will give you access to a multitude of medical professionals in a variety of markets across the country.

If you are interested in our unique service, or have a client in need of extensive surgery and hospitalization on a lien-basis, please do not hesitate to email legal-inquiries@medfinmanager.com or call us toll free at (800) 238-5541.

Our staff is professional, knowledgeable, friendly, and focused on providing outstanding customer service.