Fact Sheet: Medical Liens for Surgery Centers

  • MedFinManager™ is a national leader in the facilitation of medical care for patients who have been injured in third-party accidents and require treatment using a lien.
  • MedFinManager™ has a range of services directed towards enhancing the cash flow and reducing the risk of bad debt for ambulatory surgery centers.
  • MedFinManager™ provides a full range of services to support a Consensual Lien Program.
  • MedFinManager's Consensual Lien Facilitation and Purchase Program approves and purchases accounts for lien-based health services, either medical or surgical.
  • MedFinManager's Consensual Lien Program has no significant impact on a provider's billing routine. The Program includes all necessary risk assessment, underwriting, all legal and administrative processing requirements, and training.
  • MedFinManager™ provides financial services to hundreds of ASC's, physicians, and other healthcare providers, in 18 states, and is currently expanding nation-wide. MedFin's clients include specialty physicians, hospitals, clinics and ambulatory surgery centers.

The MedFin™ approach creates a true win/win partnership with the surgery center, physician, patient, and the other parties involved in these highly technical and legal transactions. The significant advantages of the MedFin Program are:

  • Provides the opportunity for surgery centers to increase revenue by accepting lien-based patients, without risk, who may have formally been turned away.
  • MedFin™ enhances cash flow in very immediate ways, by relieving the many hassles and risks that are inherent in treating personal injury patients.
  • MedFin™ guarantees payment in 30 days.
  • The MedFin™ program is a Without Recourse purchase, which means that MedFinManager™ assumes the full-risk associated with holding aging receivables. If a lien eventually becomes uncollectable, MedFinManager assumes the total loss.
  • MedFin™ will never ask for a refund based upon the eventual outcome of a patients' legal claim.
  • Through its Consensual Lien program, MedFinManager™ provides all the necessary coordination between the attorneys, the patient and the physician – and provides the surgery center with a guaranteed approval prior to the patient receiving services.
  • MedFinManager™ will work closely with the local physicians to ensure a smooth process for the treatment and admission of lien-based patients. This will allow the physician to continue the normal practice of referrals to the facility.
  • In addition to working with healthcare providers on going-forward cases, MedFin™ also makes lien-based accounts receivable acquisitions.
  • There are no fees associated with MedFin™ programs, no minimum required volumes, nor maximum billing amounts, and the physician remains in complete control of the patient's treatment, at all times.